Contractor Permit Expediting Services

Whether you’re doing a white box, tenant fit-out, renovations, an addition, or new construction, commercial or residential, we can handle the permitting for you. If you need plumbing, electrical or mechanical permits, we can process these for you as well.

From an initial consultation to preparing your permit submittal package, making the submittal, monitoring the review process, consulting with you to address any comments that may be generated during the review process, to permit issuance, we are there to handle the details.

We can work in conjunction with you and your client and architect to further simplify the process to get your project started.

You need to have the time to focus on the projects you’re working on and the upcoming projects once the permits are issued. Let us give you the freedom to concentrate your energies on the job at hand while we manage the intricacies of obtaining your permit. Our goal is to provide you with the best permit servicing available to free up your time, keep you focused on your projects and help reduce your stress.